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Is Removing City Ambience Sounds Possible?

  • Hello, I am trying to play in a apocalypse world where everyone is a zombie and no survivors but that city noises ruins my playthrough. I deleted the entire audio files in x64 folder but nothing changes, I still hear horns, car sounds in city(I disabled the population with trainer but still hear them because they are ambience sounds).

    I was just wondering; Does anyone know how to mute all that sound? I don't wanna hear car sounds while there is no car in the city because I already disabled them with trainer.

  • @lasper
    Don't delete all the audio files in your 'mods' folder, leave them in place, but delete the '.wav' files from inside the '.awc's. That way the game will load the files in your 'mods' folder (without falling back to using the vanilla files), but will be unable to find the sounds :thumbsup:
    Deleting the '.awc's from inside the 'mods' folder audio '.rpf's might also work, can't remember exactly :thinking:

  • @lasper Found this mod for you


    It only disables the distant car sounds though.

    Also according to the descriptions of the mod, you might wanna check the mods\x64/audio/sfx/ONESHOT_AMBIENCE.rpf first for the ambience sounds. Most probably they all are in there.

  • @Aurora11 I've been using that for a long time but it is not a solution, I still hear car horns and all that city ambient. I believe it's in x64 folder but I just can't find and modify the right one, thanks anway.

  • @lasper That's why I told you about ONESHOT_AMBIENCE.rpf :) Find that file, open it. and most of those sounds you want to remove (might be even all) is inside that folder. I would have looked at them all if I had my pc wouldn't broken :(

    Also to modify the awc file without deleting it entirely (if that's what you meant I mean), you can right click it and export to oac open format. Then delete the wav files you want and move back the oac insde OpenIV again.

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