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[VEHICLE][WIP] Porsche 718 Cayman S

  • As soon as this was announced in the Assetto Corsa Porsche pack I wanted to put it into GTA. I'm busier lately than I was when making the Audi S1, so this will probably be a slow burner. If/when I get this done I'll probably do the 911 Carrera S since it's a facelifted model of the 991, something we don't have yet as a GTA mod. From there I'll probably do other road cars depending on what I feel like doing and if I ever get any of them done.

    I've done the initial work tonight of importing the model and grouping/separating parts, it's ready to begin being GTA-fied with materials and appropriately named parts:

    One little thing to note, the 718 Cayman actually has a four cylinder engine as opposed to the usual Porsche flat 6. Because of this it won't be using the Comet sounds, most likely the Schwarzer ones since those sound like a deep straight 4 like the real thing. Just a little warning for those who think I gave it the wrong sounds on release :P


    @TheAdmiester Good luck with it mate, can't wait to see more Porsche cars for V since I have my most loved Porsche Carrera GT, the Porsche 918 Spyder and some more beautiful Porsche vehicles ;)

  • Most exterior materials set up, just about every part is named appropriately for GTA usage (except I still need to separate left/right lights and each window, but that's easy). Onto the exterior materials then the cols/dummies and I should have the first export ready. Maybe tonight, I dunno.


  • Just noticed a high quality version of the same car has already been uploaded. I was kinda losing the motivation to work on this so things have worked out nicely and I'll simply cancel this mod.


    @TheAdmiester Noo don't cancel it please, 1 model is not enough because of bugs and other things ;(

  • @Reyser Then I might eventually but it's definitely not going to be soon since there's an existing one.


    @TheAdmiester Take your time. More time = better quality, as Aige or Vans123 cars as example ;)

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