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Help finding all the Stripper Model files (i.e. ytd, ydd, etc)

  • I replaced both of the componentpeds_csb.rpf 1 & 2 files with a couple other character models but nothing seems to change. If I wanted to change all the stripper peds in the Vanilla Unicorn, what all files would need modified and or replaced?

  • @BADVIBES999
    I can't remember exactly, but if you use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for 'stripper' you will find them all. Some are in patchday##ng folder structures, they will overwrite other files of the same name, so be sure to replace the ones in the highest patchday you find them in.

  • I appreciate the feedback! That would explain it!~ If you find out anything else, be sure to let me know. These old strippers ive been seeing for the last 6 years are getting boring XD

  • @BADVIBES999 Go to their location and open Menyoo's Object Spooner. Right click of the peds and it will show you their file name.

    Afterwards continue from Agent Smith's post. If you want to easily replace peds, vehicles and weapons without worrying and bothering yourself to find which folder superseeding all other, use https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/car-weapon-folder-for-replacer . This mod's folder superseeds every other and makes replacing a hell lot easier <3

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