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When entering the car, the game crashes.

  • I made add-on from replace, the car spawns, but when I press the button to get into the car my game crashes. How to fix this?
    model: https://gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/adam-frank-s-bmw-m3-e46-2jz

  • @Black_Fire Did you properly created the metas?

    You need to make it's carcols.meta (for tuning parts), carvariations.meta, handling.meta and vehicles.meta and need to use a different name for the vehicle itself. Like instead of sentinel.yft, you need to make it BMWM3E46.yft and same for others as well. Then you need to edit the metas accordingly. <modelname> and <child> in vehicles.meta and <modelname> in carvariations.meta .

    If it feels complicated, download a simple addon vehicle that has only basic stuff like those I said above, and modify it's content with this car.

  • @Aurora11 I copied carcols.meta from the original model (Sentinel) and renamed it everywhere to e46drift (I decided to name the model that way). carvariation.meta I used from a simple add-on car. handling.meta I configured fine. I seem to have configured vechicles.meta fine too. I don't what's wrong.

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