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  • I'm try to write a script in lua, but i can't able use this command:
    void SHAKE_GAMEPLAY_CAM(char *shakeName, float intensity)
    Someone can help me? Maybe with an example. Thanks

  • I want to start this cam shake "FAMILY5_DRUG_TRIP_SHAKE" while jump

  • I may be completely wrong (and somebody feel free to correct me) but from what I was looking up (at least for .net) edits to the default game cam is pretty limited. One would need to create a new gameplay cam and then make edits that way. I imagine if you wanted to keep the cam similar to the default gameplay cam then you would need to recreate all of that as well.

    I was looking at editing some explosion things a few weeks back and gave up, seemed a bit laborious at least based on my findings.

  • Please someone can help me?
    local shakecam = {}
    function noclip.tick()
    local player = PLAYER.PLAYER_PED_ID()
    local playr = PLAYER.GET_PLAYER_PED(player)
    if (PED.IS_PED_JUMPING(player)) then
    CAM.Shake_Gameplay_Cam("FAMILY5_DRUG_TRIP_SHAKE", 1.0)

    return shakecam

    why it's not working?

  • Doesn't work also this

    local camera = CAM.GET_RENDERING_CAM()


  • It probably doesn't work because you're calling the camera shake on a loop, you can't do that because the camera shake will basically reset every time you're jumping, you have to enable the cam shake ONCE when you jump and disable when you stop

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