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GTA Online new Ban Policy

  • Update to GTA Online Suspension and Ban Policy

    Will this affect the few weapon and vehicle remodels I have?

  • @Vicko If you alter .rpf archives in any way you are at risk. (As far as I know)

  • You know what the worst bit about that revison is ?

    If you are unlucky enough to get banned due to a glitch or flaw on the part of the auto-ban setup (and let's be frank here, it's fallible and i've had a few instances personally happen across OG & PC platforms of it and seen a few nastier examples of it ferking up on other people), if the 'reset' policy is auto-triggered (i.e. flagged so it comes into effect when your access get's re-enabled) then unless you can manage to get someone at R*/TTI to recognise there wasn't any actual action on your part/your system and it was literally a glitch on their system, you are royally screwed harder than Hitler was when he hit Hell.

    Now i'm not having a go at the 'reset' policy, where it is applied for an actual act of interfering/doctoring of account(s) - as we all know, if you do, you take your damn chances and live with the consequences (or don't go there if you can't), but i absolutely would feel like nuking them from orbit if i had an account reset due to a bloody system glitch looking to a blunt-chisel 'watchdog' like an attempt to attack the system or bypass something.

    I mean, just to show an valid example of how a perfectly legit act could be watchdog interpreted as 'fraud/intervention' - 'Joe Bloggs' with 7 properties crammed full of legit obtained/purchased vehicles decides he's had enough and wants to clear the decks and rebuild a new vehicle collection. Now, the sane and rational (but incredibly long-winded) method is to go sell them all. Alternatively, one by one, blow the damn things up, or just start filling the slots with new items to purchase/overwrite/replace.

    The buy/overwrite/replace bit is ok if you are wanting to replace with purchasable items - but a mass bulk buying action could still (on a big enough scale) kinda risk getting you flagged (it could look like an attempt to offload a large amount of iffy R*$). Similarly, bulk (through repeated actions over a very short time frame) replacement by parking legit obtainable but non-purchasable items (such as Weasel News liveried vans to name a very obvious example) could look like some kind of glitching attempt because of the frequency of it.

    But the quick-win (for those rich enough to be able to do it with zero guilt and way too much boredom/impatience) blow up your collection in rapid sucession approach could still look like a dodgy glitching attempt of the kind where you could be trying to 'confuse' the issue of how vehicle logging of vehicles in garages works.

    So there's still a lot of scope for the policy to go pear-shaped and royally screw over some perfectly legit online activities. So if that's the route they are going down, i despair for what happens when they decide to 'reset' or block SP game licenses for what the client-side program's own internal 'debugger' sees as invalid activity (rightly or wrongly).

    And since i mentioned the possible online consequences of overkill reaction/judgement by a blunt-chisel watchdog - i've already see that happen, one of my partner's in Arduino crime got his NG GTA:O account illegally and immorally reset by R* in the last 24hrs after he tried to do a bulk clean-up of his garages/vehicle collection.

    So, whilst i was writing about the possibility in speculative form - getting an email from Dan telling of his tale of woe that ties into what i speculated, was damn freaky in coincidence terms.

    So, in all ways/levels SP and GTA:O, watch your back and beware of the blunt-chisel wielding watchdog.

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