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How to increase the brightness of Daytime Running Lights?

  • So is it possible to do this?

    A photo example of what I'm talking about

    alt text

    alt text

    Yeah I know that makes 2 examples. But it ain't a much biggie right? :D

  • Really no one knows which setting controls this brightness in visualsettings.dat ? :(((

  • Banned

    @Aurora11 it is really quite obvious which section controls the lights (not being rude). It has an entire section that looks like emmisive day night on and off. Day and night part is obvious, but it's the emmisive off values during the day you probably need. Off controls how bright your daytime lights are when off, and on obviously is when their on. I just increased all values to a high number, checked in game then reduced the lights I needed to.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Well it ain't that obvious since it doesn't say daytime lights ;P I didn't know emissive means daytime lights. Headlight intensity, taillight intensity, indicator intensity are obvious since it just says what is it clearly related in it's name, emissive ain't.

    Also I couldn't fully understand the on and off part. Some vehicles are set to turn daylights on when you turn on the engine but without turning on your headlights. So does off means while engine on, headlights off and on means while both engine and headlights are on?

    Thanks for the help by the by, but it felt bleh. Like how they are trying to ram a space ship to an asteroid and the asteroid suddenly just moves on it's own and the space guy without antennas on his head thinks the space ship is missed instead. Why? Cuz he didn't know asteroids could move on it's own. So I didn't know either emissive setting would control day time lights.

    Just have a look

    and then this is the music the asteroid plays. I bet you didn't know asteroids also can play music from their core sasake?

    Then it turns out the asteroid thinks itself as that violet haired hot girl like the girl in the Ultra Violet movie and turns out that girl becomes my hot date like Ada Wong and the Ada turns out that her face model wasn't actually Adriana but Juli Noguchi instead. What are the odds yeah?

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    @Aurora11 meh, help is help whether or not you think the answer is bleh. I didn't see anyone else responding, so half ass answer is better than being ignored? Like if we're gonna go to the moon, I'd rather some Russian half ass attempt to man a rocket over not going at all..... If we are gonna use analogies.

    emissive means having the power to radiate something, especially light, heat, or radiation.

    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on 150.00
    how bright during the day with lights on

    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on 150.00
    how bright during the night with lights on

    car.defaultlight.day.emissive.off 50.00
    how bright during the day with lights off

    car.defaultlight.night.emissive.off 50.00
    how bright during the night with lights off

  • @InfiniteQuestion Oh don't worry. I very much appreciate your answer :D it just felt awkwardly weird when you said it like that lol :D I was like UN Secretary General Chrisjen Avasarala

    alt text

    when she first heard the Eros moved on it's own while playing a very cool music you know :DDD

    Thanks to you, I'm finally get to experience the real BMW M8 feeling. I mean of course it would be even better if I could hear this BMW fireworks too as well,

    like the one at 16:20, but oh well. I guess I need 160k bucks to be able to hear that or a girlfriend with BMW M8 that comes to pick me up. But that's ok. I'm a very very imaginative person and I found the way to how to make my brain remember (not just think, but remember) my imaginations as a memory. Which I even improved that even further, I can make my brain live my imaginations in real time as well. My comfy bed helps a lot with that and this game is a complementary. The only thing left to achieve in regard of this matter is lucid dreaming. but sometimes it might be bad too because one time while I was unintentionally having that dream, I took a selfie with Morgan Freeman and when I woke up I was keep checking my photos in my phone. I wish there was a way to print your dreams or export it as a video :/

    Life is strange, very...

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