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Request For a Car Replacement For Trevor..

  • This is my First Post so Sorry if I forgot something like RULES

    Request For a Car Replacement For Trevor that you can actually use on Story Mode where WADE can jump on the back like that on the default Car Bodhi2 with the little Box for WADE to Sit on early on the Game. https://ibb.co/LRx7R55
    Must Be a Single Cab Car/Pick-up Truck
    like a Top-Down Type Car Vanilla or Real
    -FJ40 Land Cruiser
    -Land Rover Defender
    -Mayweather Canis/ renegade jeep

    Pick-up Type Car Vanilla or Real
    -Land cruiser
    -or any Type Of Pick-up trucks

    the only Car Mod on the Site ATM that you can use on Trevor's First Mission where you don't have a problem with WADE jumping on the back is the 1965 Gladiator

    The Rest.. you cannot use on Story Mode for Trevor's mission if you have WADE and that other NPC in the Car.
    This is a Replacement Car that you can use by renaming the File and paste it on the default Car File, not the Menyoo Thingy

    Thanks In Advance whoever decide to Try...

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