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Error: This folder doesn't contain the 'GTA5.exe' file.

  • Hello, I'm trying to install OpenIV, however when I try to select the location for GTA5.exe, it says that it doesn't exist. It is the right folder. This worked before, but now it's not? Can you help?

    https://imgur.com/a/JhCkKTJ (heres an image)

  • Maybe it is missing an exe file, do you have gtav.exe and playgtav.exe

  • @ShadoFax Steam version doesn't have playgtav.exe though but that still shouldn't be a problem. I used to install OpenIV when I had the game on steam too before. but it definetly has gtav.exe . Not sure why OpenIV can't see it though if it's there.. :/

    @Blukas You might wanna ask this in here too https://gtaforums.com/forum/403-openiv/

    It's the official OpenIV page. but I can't guarantee you can get any positive answers unfortunately :( still worth a try.

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