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Game Crashes with ENB [No Error Message]

  • 'sup folks,

    Game Version: Latest (1.50)(Steam)
    Tried ENBs: 5K ENB, VisualV ENB, Stock ENB v0.387, Stock ENB v.0.351

    ENB doesn't work for me. Stock or edited doesn't matter. I click story mode and it's loading but after that game crashes to desktop without any error.

    Tried proxy library method
    Tried changing d3d11.dll name to anything (inc. dxgi)

    Everything is ok without ENB. Don't know why.

    Any idea?

  • @A-12T99 Try disabling the steam ingame overlay. If doesn't work try launching the game at windowed borderless.

    Also if you have Win 10 and updating it, don't change the name to dxgi.dll . It will just crash your game. I don't know have this been fixed with the latest Win 10 however.

  • @Aurora11 I tried disabling Steam Overlay but didn't work.

  • @A-12T99 Hei bro. You resolved problem with d3d11.dll and how? Thanks! :100:

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