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Is .oiv file same as .rpf file?

  • Hi everyone,

    I encountered this issue where some of my downloaded mods (i.e. from Rmod Custom) are in .oiv file format where the other car add-ons are in .rpf file format.

    May i know if both file formats are the same?

    If otherwise, how do i convert .oiv files to .rpf files or i can simply apply the same modding method to these 2 files? If there is another modding method for .oiv files, please advice.


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    OIV is a self installer via OpenIV, so it does the required actions for you. You can rename an OIV to .rar and open it with Winrar to extract the dlc.rpf manually

  • OIV is just a ZIP file renamed, which is used to package installation files together so they can be automatically installed by OpenIV.

    RPF is a proprietary packaging format for Rockstar games.

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