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[SCRIPT] JulioNIB poll - what kind of script would you like to see from him? Strawpoll below

  • https://strawpoll.com/3wgpbf7vg

    This poll is unofficial but I can share it with julioNIB, I think he's already aware of this poll and some of his other patrons have voted already

    Just to clarify:

    • You can select MULTIPLE OPTIONS in this poll
    • By unofficial, the project he decides to undertake will be at his disclosure. If Batman gets the top votes, he might decide to do that later due project complexity (Batman is definitely on his list)
    • Gotham villain scripts: Multiple batman villains - by having classes with smaller powers, Julio could make more of them
    • Older julio mods that require remakes include = Flash 3.0, Ghost Rider 2.0, and Green Goblin 2.0 (Bleh)
    • All the options I listed are something Julio himself said he wanted to do

  • The obvious choice is to remake Flappy IV :)

  • Scripts like Rhino from spiiderrman and also Ben 10 Alein scripts

  • one that you don't have to fucking pay for

  • @VileMaverick JulioNib releases all his mods for free, just wait 6 months since release date and stay alert for Free Mods Weekends in his web sites.

  • @MetaGTA the grappling hook mod checks to see if you're a patreon every time you load it... and if you're not, it won't let you use it.

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