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Zmodeler Model Help regarding vehicle seats

  • Hello there,
    I've been lately using Zmodeler almost daily and I've stumbled upon an unlocked model which I really liked. Now I fixed everything regarding its collisions and made a UV-template but the one part that I just could not understand was the part putting seats in the back (since it's a van) but it didn't have them at the back by default so I have to do it myself. (It has the door handle dummy though). I tried copying the seat dummy from the passenger side but for some odd reason when I am spawning peds that could enter from the back of the van they just enter from the side of the van and they "teleport" into the seat and the door opens normally, instead of entering FROM the door and sitting like they should (like in the burrito, for example). The sitting position is also like the driver's side, and I tried rotating it but I don't remember that it worked properly. If someone has a solution I would be very thankful. Thanks!

  • what if you import the burrito and use its backseat dummies?

  • @drlq99 Hmm, sounds like a nice idea. I'll try it sometime and I'll report back.

  • @drlq99 It works now, thanks so much! I don't know why I didn't think about it earlier on haha. Anyways now I'll know! Thanks again!

  • @MinorS nice. happy to help

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