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  • I was messing around with my dlc.xml as I should not have but anyways I was adding an add-on car since I thought it would be cool so there went me doing that they said add a line to the dlc.xml I add the line and download about 5 cars then I start up my game and right when it gets to the black screen crashes I do this several times then delete the dlc.xml lines I just had added then it works so I go back add a line open the game it works do it again and there starts my problem when I tried to click save it said XML Syntax I can post pictures but NOTHING i've done seems to fix it please find me some help.

  • @Falcon_ This is a basic answer but it's something can easily be mistaken/missable. Since you said syntax error, did you properly add the new lines? Check the "/" symbols. What I can suggest you is, so you have 5 addon cars. Copy one of the original dlc line, say mpvalentines for example and paste 5 of them after the last line (not at the very end, just right after the last dlc line). Then change the mpvalentines to your addon folders' names.

  • @Aurora11 I'm not really sure on what you mean im bad at what I do probably shouldn't have done it anyway you can show?

  • @Aurora11 I can send you a link to another website where I post pictures of my problem https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/107472-gta-v-dlcxml-help/?tab=comments#comment-653874

  • @Falcon_ I see. The error was what I thought.

    There are 2 wrong addon lines. missouri and 19tundra . Those " / " and " \ " symbols are important. Not sure why some modders still keep doing that wrong but doing it that way can cause the addon either not work at all or might crash your game as well.

    The correct version of them is;

    Also if the pictures you show are showing the entire dlclist.xml , (just in case I will say that too) there are missing required lines at the beginning and at the end.

    Add these to the beginning;
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    Your addon dlc lines here (from mpbeach to eup)

    Add these at the end;

    Do these and we will see how it goes. Also you need to install those 3 mods Mud said. Otherwise game will crash unfortunately, shitstar made their game to not to normally handle any other addon packs...... Guys just hate modding entirely no matter what, I hope someone mod the shit out of their stupid ass..

  • @Aurora11 thanks for the help it works now but now i screwed up my handlin.meta any help? Ill post a link to the other website with pictures

  • @Falcon_ You are welcome fren. I have looked at the handling but couldn't spot a problem, of course I may have missed it too.

    What can I suggest you is, backup this not working handling.meta first (just in case), then download that mod again and extract it's handling.meta (You can simply put it's dlc.rpf file in the main gta directory and extract the handling.meta afterwards. Change it's name to handling.meta - original so you don't confuse them).

    Then you can download this https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ . Once you install it, go to Plugins > Plugins Admin . Search for Compare and install it. Notepad++ will restart.
    Then open up both the faulty and original handlings and go to Plugins > Compare > Compare. It will show you all the differences between them. I believe there is an error with one of the lines.

    If that's the problem, just correct those particular line codes in your faulty handling.meta by looking from the original one.

    If the only differences are your custom values, then I'm gonna need a screenshot of the comparison so I can look at which values you changed and check can they cause any problem.

    As a question by the by, I saw the jet using custom weapons.

    Have a check that these 2 weapons are included in a custom weapon meta (Not exactly sure how it's file name could be but it should be a different file than what an addon car include).

    If there is no file containing any data with those weapon types, check the descriptions of the mod's download page. The author might have give a link for a different mod that includes custom weapons.

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