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Adding specific lines on .meta files into a OIV package

  • This post is deleted!

  • https://github.com/OpenIV-Team/OpenIV-PackageFormat/blob/master/specification/versions/2.1.md#file-commands

    Start with this as its the most complete reference I found to the commands used for editing OIV files

    I do something similar to you in my game however, to avoid having a huge assembly.xml file, I actually make the edits in the underlying meta, ymt etc files using something I knocked up in python and automatically generate the OIV
    So when i then run the created installer it just move my edited files to the appropriate archives

    Something like that is probably more effort than its worth for you, but my current exercise involves a lot of meshing together of lots of different mods and being able to quickly reconfigure my installed mods (and their underlying xml files) is very important to that

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