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which shaders to use in zmodeler?

  • Heya guys, since i began doing conversions for some clothing for GTAV I've got one little issue and I dunno how to solve it.
    Some clothes that I do in zmodeler shaders appear to be leather-like in game so it looks sorta glossy. How do I fix it? Which shaders should I use. Will really appreciate your help <3

  • @peregr1ne You can use the normal ped shader, just make sure to add the bump and spec maps

  • @death7991 said in which shaders to use in zmodeler?:

    o add the bump and spec m

    got it, thanks a lot <3
    well if you know maybe, will ask another question here.
    i've created a jeans model, in openIV all the textures look super dope, but in game jeans texture is mixing with skin texture... how to fix it and why all the cloth textures look so blurry? unfortunately i dont have anyone to ask this question, so would be really grateful if you answer :c

  • @peregr1ne Your textures are mixing together most likely because they are not mapped properly

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