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Consoles modding is FORBIDDEN

  • some one has to do something PS4 mods GTA5 but GTA5 mods for Playstation 5 standard may be better.

    I am playing GTA 5 on PS4 pro, i have Michael, Trevor, Franklin money just over 2 Billion dollars, and i am doing

    Marryweather mission, i picked up the super weapon at poledo bay travell back to Sandy shaw air field so 2 miles

    from airstripe, i just put my duel shock controller down and the cargobob still travell all the way without hovering, not

    like Farcry 5 superior Helicopter control take hands off controller Helicopter comes to a dead still Hover, see Farcry 5

    Helicopter better controls. See that Rockstar for you not as good as they think they are, they need to be sacked, calling

    themselves game devolopers, i commend devolopers of Farcry 5

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