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RDE + Natural Motion Euphoria Question

  • Hi!

    I'm new to modding GTA 5. Coming off from Skyrim, I'd like to try my hands on modding this game. For now, I've installed a couple of mods, and two of those are RDE and Natural Motion. Upon closer inspection, they both modify the same meta file, specifically the pedhealth.meta at update.rpf

    My question is, what file should supersede the others file? Or is it a case where I should combine both values found within? I checked using Notepad + but I have no idea what the values do.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • Okay, I found another file that overwrites each other. I'm guessing at this point that it's not a good idea to use the two together.

  • @Xezcente I use RDE, with Euphoria Natural Motion. It doesn't crash my game.

  • @Akila_Reigns
    Yes, I don't get crashes either but I was wondering if the mod will work correctly, especially in the long run.

    For now, I combined the values on the pedhealth.meta. The one on RDE added health values on the Juggernaut while Natural Motion changes other peds and wildlife values.

    The other file is a .ymt, and I have no idea what it does but I let Natural Motion overwrite it (for now).

  • @Xezcente
    Disable Juggernauts, for some reason when they spawn, my game crashes.
    I recommend to use the Natural Motion files, they're better IMO.

  • @Akila_Reigns
    Thank you. I'll let Natural Motion do its work. About the juggernauts, could it be the reason it's crashing is because of the missing values found on the pedhealth.meta on RDE that is not present on the pedhealth.meta of Natural Motion? I will put my theories to test later when I summon it.

    Also, a slightly off-topic question to my original post. But if someone could indulge me: is Natural Motion preventing the player's health from regenerating back at 50% like it naturally do?

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