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GTA 5 loading extremely slow, bad fps regardless of settings

  • So suddenly GTA 5 started loading extremely slow, and I had been experiencing texture problems. I have attached some images.

    some screenshots i posted on imgur, error while uploading here for some reason

    My laptop is easily able to handle this game on 60fps Ultra settings and it had been running this game good so far but recently (yesterday) I started having these problems and I don't know what to do. The fps had significantly dropped from 60fps to like 20-30fps. Changing the settings did not help, and my fps still remained low (even on lowest settings). Changing the resolution didn't help, the fps still remained like 20fps-30fps. Also, vsync is disabled.

    The game loads extremely slow (10-15 minutes loading time), and that shouldn't be a problem for my ssd. Even when the game loads, the textures are missing, and loading them while still ingame takes like 2-3 minutes for them to properly load. My hardware isn't damaged, since I've already done 2 diagnostic tests (including memory and ssd tests) and all of them passed.

    Other games do not seem to have this issue. WD2, GTA4, aida64 + heaven benchmark do not show any of these symptoms.

    GTA 5 version: 1.0.2060.1
    There are no mods installed

    There was an error in the event viewer which I think might be of some help, so i'm gonna upload it here
    event viewer gta 5 error image

    I have removed all of my save files, my profiles, my user music folder, the settings.xml but to no avail.
    After that I reinstalled the game, but the issue still prevailed. I even tried downgrading the game version to 1.0.2060.0 but that had the same issue. My gpu isn't overclocked, my cpu isn't undervolted, it does not throttle.


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