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Remove cars and peds from a specific location, permanently or temporarily?

  • Hi everyone. I'm creating a scene around Franklin's garage using Object Spooner (Menyoo) and whenever I leave the area and come back, the game has spawned a couple of cars right on the area that I'm building.

    Is there a way for me to stop the game from spawning any peds or vehicles in a specific location, permanently or even temporarily?

    Note: I don't want to stop all ped and cars, only for a very specific location (Franklin's garage parking lot).

    I checked the forums for a similar question but couldn't find this specific question.

    Thanks for any responses.

  • @centralsink You will need to remove the car generators from the spots you want them gone. You can use CodeWalker to do that. You can get the latest version of CW from the CW discord since the one on gta5-mods is outdated.

  • @chonkie How that can be done though :thinking:

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