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Possible to change dirtmapping?

  • This is a question different to what you're thinking. Allow me to explain.

    I noticed that if you spawn a car in the city compared to somewhere like Sandy Shores, the dirtmap is different. In Sandy Shores, the dirtmap is like a brighter beige color (like sand or dust), and in the city it's a dark brown sort of color (like dirt).

    So is there a way to actually change "where" the dirtmaps apply? So for example, I could make the city also use the dust dirtmap instead of the standard one, or maybe even change it based on weather? I think the dustier dirtmap looks great on cars when using snowy weather or when the world has snow on the ground, or both of course. Maybe is it possible to make it so that when there's snow on the environment and/or if it's snowing, then the car dirtmaps will be that dusty texture?

  • @mrwallace888
    Not sure, but you can get a decrypted 'zonebind.ymt' in my post here.
    For the City dirt map, maybe try playing around & swapping the '<vfxRegion>' lines in it to the same as Sandy Shores uses.

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