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How to create modded GTA copy without autoupdates (Epic Games)

  • Hi
    I'm wondering how to create two copies of gta which one is vanilla with latest updates, able to play online and the modded second one connected to services but WITHOUT AUTO-UPDATES .
    Last time when I created modded gta copy (separated folder) the epic game store launcher auto-updated it with summer patch and ruined whole game. After that incident i was soo pissed off and back to using pirated fitgirl repack just in case to get rid of updates. Is there any way to get EGS gta copy which is modded and connected to rsgc and won't update ? Im lready tired of making new gta installations, copying tons of gb and setting up mods/scripts/enb etc. I don't need an every updates in modded copy, just a working export in rockstar video editor ( which does not work in pirated copies)

    Thanks in advance

  • See my post on this thread.


    You will need to rename the folders as needed every few days, maybe every 5 days. Update and launch the game with the vanilla folder renamed obviously to GTA 5. Then after that exit the game, put in scofflineonly in the launcher commands, exit the launcher, copy the egstore folder from the vanilla updated to the modded folder. Rename the vanilla to something like GTA 5 vanilla and rename the modded to GTA 5. Then get back into egs launcher. Make sure you have as -scofflineonly. Then launch. Rinse and repeat. Obviously you need to have update game automatically off.

    Post explains step by step.

  • @ogauge Thank You I will try

  • I wonder if Mr. Goldberg's RGSC emu will work?

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