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[WEAPON] I made a 3D model of a gun and... help?

  • Okay so I have no idea where to post this but I made a very weird looking, fictional, 3D, low-poly model of a gun using the basic Windows 10 3D creation app.

    I have a copy of Blender and have very little idea how to use it, and don't have the time to learn it right now, and I lack the money for Zmodeler or any of the other modeling tools with support for GTA.

    I've literally got no money, but I also kind of want to see my cheesy little gun in Michael, Franklin, or Trevor's hands. I don't need any animations or anything and I can easily make the weapons.meta for it - I just need someone who knows how to convert the model file into a GTA-V compatible thing. Sorry if this is a dumb request, I'm fairly good at texturing and stuff (and am trying to make a video game of my own, although my lack of skill is a problem), and could use some help, even if it's just a simple conversion. If I knew how to do it I'd have done it already.

    Anyway, I'm rambling.

    If anyone wants to give the files a look let me know please!


    --JediKarumaas, a very bad modder

  • @JediKarumaas post some screenshots of your gun

  • Oof, sorry for the delay. Here's some really bad screenshots of my really bad gun.


    I dunno if this will work but...

  • @JediKarumaas The link doesn't let me see the files

  • Ughhh. If you wanna just PM me I can probably get em' to ya faster that way?

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