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Faulty meta files

  • Cheers everyone!

    I got my hands into ZModeler including "advanced modding", how I call editing the model of a vehicle.
    What so ever, I came along several problems...

    I used original vehicle sheriff & sabregt and combined them.
    So far, in Geometric it works butter smooth.
    Yet the siren and the used extras cause problems.

    • The sirens flash, without sound.
    • Both extras (EXTRA_1; EXTRA_2) display at the same time, breaking what I want to achieve.


    If you need any other information, let me know :)
    Thanks in advance!

  • @FluffyPotato FYI. There do are several ways to configure extras, but no "waterproof" solution to make extras "mutually exclusive".

  • @HRH I don't understand, all I want is to have 2 Sirens
    EXTRA_1 & EXTRA_2, togglable.
    But right now, they display all the time, it's possible with the sheriff so there must be a way.
    I tried adding extraIncludes & requiredExtras

  • @HRH I think what he/she means is having only 1 extra at a time. Like if I'm not mistaken Extra_1 is old style rotating lightbar and Extra_2 is LED lightbar (or vice versa).

    So normally those 2 lightbars don't spawn at the same time, it's either rotating or LED lightbar spawning. But in that mod both of them spawning at the same time.

    @FluffyPotato While this won't guarantee 2 of them will never spawn at once, it will reduce both of their spawning chance. Adding FLAG_EXTRAS_RARE to flags.

    There is a way if you wanna guarantee one though however.


    and then this;


    This will make the Extra_1 always spawn. So in this case Extra_2 will rarely spawn but 20% chance it will spawn :/

    I'm not sure how game seperates those 2 extras from vanilla emergency vehicles. Might have something to do with a hardcoded script maybe :thinking: Like fbi model always spawns with 4 peds.

  • @Aurora11 said in Faulty meta files:

    This will make the Extra_1 always spawn. So in this case Extra_2 will rarely spawn but 20% chance it will spawn :/

    Exactly, what I meant about the mutual exclusiveness. You just can´t guarantee one spawning without another.

    (If there weren´t hardcoded stuff, mods for GTAV would definately not look, sound and feel like, how they do today...)

  • Hey, Hey, Hey...
    Please don't get me wrong!

    I do know that there're hardcoded limitations among vehicle creation.
    But I was just wondering, as it works in general with for example sheriff, police3 or similar.

    I'm new to vehicle creation, most is assuming till I actually gained experience.
    Yet thank the both of you so much.
    But it didn't worked afterall... Sadly

    Thank you anyways, stay healthy :mask: !

  • @FluffyPotato
    You might be able to remove one of them from spawning permanently.
    Have a read over this & this, might be something in them that can help.
    Lightbar's can be funny tho, it's not always possible to remove one (even using the above methods) without messing up the other (presumably some have shared parts etc), only testing it out will answer that.

  • @HRH I couldn't fully understand you mean that in a good or bad way but I'm not straight forwardly against every single hardcoded elements but there are many elements that would be a lot better without hardcodings, such as giving us option and freedom to choose how many peds will spawn in a vehicle, which one will be driver, which will be passenger, selection between lightbars and extras, better dispatch system and all that.

    RDE can do many of those, however it's quite buggy and performance heavy. So if the game would have allowed us those options, we wouldn't have to struggle with too much complex performance heavy mods. and since a mod can do that with a single dll file, I guess it wouldn't be so hard for stupidstar devs to make those options open and free to use. But given the fact that such a finest stupid logic they have, that would be too smart for them to do... :P

  • @Aurora11 I simply left a remarque here, that some parts of extra system are hardcoded. You can´t exclude extras, specifically.

    Proper sound editing is the biggest miss for me amongst hardcoded stuff, but, believe me, there is nothing to do with dev´s stupidness.

  • Dayum, didn't meant to cause such a diversion...
    So if I understood right, they spawn by default can be prevented / change behaviour with


    And flags like


    And the disabled extras be default from other vehicles seem to be hardcoded behavior?
    Right... ?


        <Item>EXTRA_1 EXTRA_2 EXTRA_3</Item>
        <Item>EXTRA_4 EXTRA_5</Item>

    by this logic EXTRA 1, 2, 3 will spawn at once when the game decides to spawn them, same story for 4 & 5

        <Item>EXTRA_1 EXTRA_2 EXTRA_3</Item>
        <Item>EXTRA_4 EXTRA_5</Item>

    <requiredExtras> all it does is make so the linked extras require the top ones to spawn
    eg, lightbar EXTRA_1, child is shotgun EXTRA_2... if you add EXTRA_1 as required, EXTRA_2 will spawn only with EXTRA_1

    it tells what extras act as "parent" to children extras, say you have a roof rack EXTRA_1 and luggage EXTRA_2
    if you want the luggage to spawn only when the rack is spawned you need to make EXTRA_1 a required extra

  • @ReNNie :eyes: Jesus

  • @FluffyPotato
    This is worth a try, as usually you can export the vehicle's '.yft' to XML ('.yft.xml') using Codewalker's RPF Explorer & reduce the scale of the extra you want gone to zero.
    So the extra spawns but doesn't appear/can't be interacted with etc.

    Tutorial covering all that here:
    [ Tutorial ] How to disable/remove specific EXTRAS from vehicles/vehicle spawns

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