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I'm looking for Slaughter Race character and vehicle mods

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    2 years ago, I watched the movie called Ralph Breaks the Internet. It is about a quest of finding a steering wheel that was rare and discontinued long time ago. There was a scene on stealing a sport’s car that is located in a place called Slaughter Race. It is like GTA with Need for Speed, Twisted Metal and Burnout. There is one character that interests me is that racer girl named Shank. Shank is the perfect fit to use a mod when you play as Franklin. What they really both have in common is that they are both speedsters in cars. I am trying to find a Slaughter Race characters mod from Ralph Breaks the Internet but the problem is that it has 0 results. Just only about GTA Online players racing each other.

    So please if anyone watched Ralph Breaks the Internet please add Slaughter Race characters and vehicle mods. It may be a fun way to use Rockstar Editor. Also, I have not tried Rockstar Editor yet

    And if you don’t know that movie then please watch it. It is really cool!

    Here some clips

    " rel="nofollow">Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018) - Ralph and Vanellope Came to Slaughter Race | Clip Series Blu-Ray

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