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[PLAYER] A new ped : E-123 Omega ?

  • Hello everyone. I'm new here, so excuse me if this post is not on the correct category (and the correct tag).
    Also, I'm french, so sorry for my bad english.

    A friend contact me for a new ped, but I don't find it. It's E-123 Omega and it's from the game "Sonic Forces".

    So my question is, one of you can help my friend and create E-123 Omega ?
    He told me this ped is for two uses : for a random ped (on the street for example), and also to replace Trevor. But I think it's not complicate : with OpenIV, just replace the Trevor model by the Omega model, the same for a ped. He can do this, or I can show to him how to.

    My friend also share me a model : https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/sonicforces/model/22183/
    But I don't know what is this model and if it's a good model.
    I don't know how to create any custom 3D model for GTA V, so if someone want make him, it could be very nice. I already have to modify a texture of a ped (for a personnal project) and it's VERY VERY long and difficult. I can't try to create this also, I only have one life 😂

    Thanks to all, have a good day

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