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Pickups by InfamousSabre

  • What ever happen to the Pickups mod for GTA V I'm watching a YouTube video on how to turn GTA V into Ultra Real Life Simulator?

  • @SimonGray653 bump ^^^^


    The author has taken it down, an update was in development some time ago.

    Ask the author :P



    It was taken down due to people complaining of incompatibilities with newer patches even though I'd already stated it hadnt been updated for newer patches. Basically, I got tired of people who dont know how to read.

    A new version is in development though. It utilizes an auto-installer that scans all game files, modifies them, then installs. This way the mod is update-proof. There also shouldn't be anymore requests for weapon-wheel texture creation, as not only have I created a tutorial, but I've also included all the texures one should ever need. In-car weapon wheel is a new feature that is in-progress. I've also had requests for better add-on weapon support, so that is on the list as well.

    Finally, I've been trying to come up with a new name, as "Pickups" refers to an in-game mechanic and gets confusing in conversation. If anyone has any decent suggestions, I'm all ears.

  • @InfamousSabre Nice! Was worried we’d never see it again. I never used any GTAO weapons, so I never cared for the lack of support, but nice to see this is still being developed!

    Will this new version change the way the slots are handled, so we can have at least one melee weapon that doesn’t take up a slot for a firearm, and have it be shared in the first slot? I remember giving each weapon type its own slot, so the inventory worked like GTA IV, but melee weapons had to share one of those other slots because of the way the mod worked.

    Would it be possible to have melee weapons share a slot with the first like in the vanilla game, and limit how many you can carry?


    @cp1dell My apologies. I don't check forums much at all. Even in the currently released version the slots are fully customizable, so you can easily designate melee weapons to a new slot of their very own, but due to the fact that slots can only contain one item, unarmed will always have its own place right at the bottom.

  • @InfamousSabre is there a date the new pickups will be released


    @mudboy_nw Nope. Since I work on it when I have time / when I feel like it, it happens when it happens. I'm currently working on addressing all the installation issues people had in the past. As it turns out, making an idiot-proof install method isn't easy.

  • @InfamousSabre Damn, that’s what I figured.

    Will it be possible in the new version to have the system work like RDR2? Like having two slots for both sidearms and long arms, but instead of the current script where say Shotguns are Slot 4 and Rifles are Slot 5, you can make it so either can go into Slot 4 or 5, until both are full and you have to swap one out?

    Or is the new version pretty much going to work as it already does?


    @cp1dell I'm looking into ways to allow slots to contain more than one type of weapon. No promises on that though.

  • @InfamousSabre would it be possible to get a copy of the version that was taken down? I'm not worried about the compatability with newer weapons, but just started getting my gamed modded up again and was wondering what happened to your mod. One of my favorites as the game floods you with weapons.

  • @InfamousSabre when will the new version be released?

  • @InfamousSabre hi, big fan of your mods in both IV and V, especially this one.
    No promises but I'm planning to update Pickups with weapons of the latest patches. Just having some questions:

    • How's the current progress of Pickups? (so that my effort should worth the wait, or I may continue/help with your work anyhow)
    • I reckon in pickups.xml, the tag <PickupAsset> calls to the files .../common/data/pickups.meta, and <WeaponAsset> calls to the files .../common/data/ai/weapon(...).meta. Is it correct?
    • As far as I know, files with duplicating names in update/update.rpf/dcl_patch will take over the ones in update/x64/dlcpacks. Is it correct? So that it'd be easier if all modded pickups.meta and weapon(...).meta are put in update/update.rpf/dcl_patch?

    As for suggesting a new name for Pickups: Physical Loadouts (physical "mechanisms" for manual pickups and physical appearance from visible loadouts).

  • @InfamousSabre just waiting for a nod from you, I've done ~70% of the updating. (Thank you for keeping the files very well-structured). When all the bugs are cleared, think I'd upload it as a Support Config of original Pickups.

    There's only a few bugs and leftovers. How might I discuss with you in details, if you could help me? :D

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