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Add a skin to a "vanilla" car mod?

  • I've recently gotten into using Mods with GTAV, so please excuse my ignorance and hopefully I can explain things using the right terms or close enough that you brilliant modders will follow what I mean.

    KAFAROS has made a brilliant Star Wars Landspeeder mod that replaces the Stanier.
    REF: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/star-wars-x-34-landspeeder

    I've had no issues with installing this vehicle and it's great fun. The issue that's occurring is that the model only seems to use the same graphics as the original Stanier model. To explain, using OpenIV, I went into the Stanier vanilla model and there are only 5 images in the YTD. No skin as it just uses the standard color swatches like every other car. KAFAROS made a 6th image that would be the original skin from the movie. While the model loads, it never loads that skin layer. I've added the vehicle to my Patchday22 (seems to be the best one for every other car I've added) and replaced the original in the x64e file to no avail. I see lots of Landspeeders crusing around the city, but they have this chrome'd effect with all different shades. Not one shows the added skin.

    So, basically I am assuming the model has a code somewhere that tells it what the skin layer's name would be, but for the life of me I have not been able to figure out where that data would be stored. For obvious name reasons, I know it's not in the Handling.meta, but it's not in the carvariations.meta, carcols.meta, or vehicles.meta either. I assume there would have to be a setting somewhere since every car mod I have added uses a different name for it's skins. I've created my own skins and added them to vehicles that already supported multiple liveries, but never been able to add a second livery to a vehicle if it didn't already support it....so I am assuming that wherever this setting is location, would address that concern too.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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