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Cyclone / roadrunner car mod

  • Will pay looking for a gmc syclone /typhoon mod as well as a 69 Plymouth road runner thank you

  • plymouth-fury-iii-1969-coupe here is a 69 fury
    plymouth-roadrunner-superbird-rm23-1970-add-on-tuning roadrunner 1970

    gmc-envoy-02-addon-extra there is a gmc envoy as well.

    I know they are not the exact cars but they are pretty close to what you want. I don't know how to make a mod or else I would try to make one for you. If you want to make it there is probably some pretty good mod creating videos on YouTube. Quick tip, if you can't find a certain vehicle make sure to put the brand of car, then put the name of the car and then put them together. If you cannot find either look up the car on google and see if you can find any vehicles that are close. Then repeat those steps I said. (cannot put links on GTA 5 mods I don't think btw that's why there are no links. Just look up the 3 vehicles above this.

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