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Looking to replace Michaels Head (Rigged) with this 3D Model & Textures

  • Are you able to do character mods and file conversion for GTA V?

    I already got the 3d model completed (purchased from SketchFab and pre-prepped to be put into GTAV (minimized textures, loaded dae, and combined with texture for reference in blender before exporting as new OBJ).

    But I cannot for the life of me get it into my game properly due to Uraniom being crashed, I would like to replace Michael and rig the character to speak. Willing to pay $50+ if that works for you. Just really want this character head to replace Michael and be operable.

    Please help.

    Photos available at request because I couldn't attach it.
    Would pay via Paypal or Patreon if you have one to protect us both.
    Thank you!

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