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Would really appreciate some help!

  • Hi, I'm relatively new to modding, I've been using mods for years, I just have no clue how to make them.

    I need help with the handling.meta i assume, because my issue is that basically I want aircraft to decelerate slower, because I have the super sonic planes mod so the planes accelerate realistically and hit better top speeds, but the second i take my finger off the accelerator the speed just plumits and it's rather annoying seen as I'm trying to get it as realistic as possible.

    any help or tips is much appreciated, thanks.

  • @HarryMateee
    Perhaps have a look at lowering the '<fThrustFallOff value' handling value for planes:


            <Item type="CFlyingHandlingData">
              <fThrust value="3.000000" />
              <fThrustFallOff value="0.000120" /> <!-- lower this value. Try 0.000000 to start & see what you get -->
              <fThrustVectoring value="0.000000" />
              <fYawMult value="-0.0001000" />
              <fYawStabilise value="0.001000" />
              <fSideSlipMult value="0.001000" />
              <fRollMult value="0.005000" />
              <fRollStabilise value="-0.000000" />
              <fPitchMult value="0.000700" />
              <fPitchStabilise value="0.001000" />
              <fFormLiftMult value="0.000150" />
              <fAttackLiftMult value="0.018000" />
              <fAttackDiveMult value="0.025000" />
              <fGearDownDragV value="0.100000" />
              <fGearDownLiftMult value="0.600000" />
              <fWindMult value="0.000000" />
              <fMoveRes value="0.010000" />
              <vecTurnRes x="0.050000" y="0.500000" z="0.400000" />
              <vecSpeedRes x="0.020000" y="0.250000" z="0.015000" />
              <fGearDoorFrontOpen value="90.000000" />
              <fGearDoorRearOpen value="90.000000" />
              <fGearDoorRearOpen2 value="15.000000" />
              <fGearDoorRearMOpen value="90.000000" />
              <fTurublenceMagnitudeMax value="0.000000" />
              <fTurublenceForceMulti value="0.000000" />
              <fTurublenceRollTorqueMulti value="0.000000" />
              <fTurublencePitchTorqueMulti value="0.000000" />
              <fBodyDamageControlEffectMult value="0.000000" />
              <fInputSensitivityForDifficulty value="0.000000" />
              <fOnGroundYawBoostSpeedPeak value="3.000000" />
              <fOnGroundYawBoostSpeedCap value="6.000000" />
              <fEngineOffGlideMulti value="0.100000" />

    Aternatively (if it still works, last update 1st Feb 2019), Super Sonic (Higher Aircraft Speed/Altitude w/ Effects) 1.9.2b has cruise control/allows you to stay at any speed you want when flying.

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks I'll try that soon, I dont use the cruise control the supersonic mod gives you becauses you don't slow down when making high g turns and you end up just infinitly spinning when trying to top gun manouver lmao.

  • @a63nt-5m1th so I've fiddled with the thrustfalloff value but nothing happened i even made it "-1.000000" but because the jets are going like 1000mph its not part of the thrust fall off because vanilla planes can't reach those speeds anyway, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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