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[TOOL] Can i change blood color?

  • Hi everyone. Can i change blood color?
    If yes, then in which folder?

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  • @Struiri
    You'll probably still have other parts of the blood colour to edit as well but, you can edit the 'ptfx_blood_spray' colour anyway (not sure about pools of blood etc, someone else will know that) by editing the 'ptfx_blood_spray' texture in these 'core.ypt's:


    Either use Texture Toolkit or Codewalker (Codewalker's 'RPF Explorer' > export the 'core.ypt' file to XML > edit colour of 'ptfx_blood_spray.dds' in folder created > CW RPF Explorer > '[:shield:Edit Mode]' button = ON > right-click in core.ypt folder > 'Import XML... (Shift+Ins)' > that's it, load game & check changes :thumbsup:).

  • I have no blood in these files

  • @Struiri
    '[ view embedded textures ]' - Bottom right of 'core.ypt' OpenIV Model Viewer window & then have a look for 'ptfx_blood_spray'.

    'ptfx_blood_spray' looks like this:


  • alt text

  • @Struiri

    view embedded textures

    & then you get taken to this window: (scroll down to find 'ptfx_blood_spray')


    You can then use Texture Toolkit or Codewalker's RPF Explorer (see post#2) to export 'core.ypt' & it's textures, edit them & then import 'core.ypt' back into the game. :thumbsup:

  • I cant export in XML

  • @Struiri
    In Codewalker? Did you get it from the Discord link I posted?
    If not, grab it from Discord as the Codewalker on this site is 2 yrs out of date. :thumbsup:

  • And if I replace the blood there, can I make, for example, skulls fly out instead of blood? I not see discord link UPD: i see

  • @Struiri
    The 'ptfx_blood_spray' texture is an animation texture, so by changing each small picture slightly you can create whatever animation you like :thumbsup:

  • Do you know how to replace the sound when I hit the enemy? Instead of the sound of a splash of blood, let's put a bell

  • And blood not change color

  • Banned

    @Struiri blood is controlled by bloodfx.dat file inside \common.rpf\data\effects. You can change color there

  • @InfiniteQuestion said in [TOOL] Can i change blood color?:

    blood is controlled by bloodfx.dat file inside \common.rpf\data\effects. You can change color there

    Can you tell me which parameter is responsible for the color of the blood flow?

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