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I installed addonpeds, but I can't see the newly added peds.

  • The default Vito and Superman are shown, but the newly added peds are not shown.
    When I use Trainer and enter a name correctly, I get an Invalid Model.
    Script Hook V, Script Hook V.NET and NativeUI are installed correctly

  • @MNSTR Use the menu that comes with the addonpeds mod. I believe the "L" button is the default to open it

  • @death7991 I put in ydd, yft, ymt, ytd, launched addonpedseditor.exe, added it correctly and hit REBUILD to launch GTAV
    I pressed L, but it only defaulted to Vito and Superman.

  • @MNSTR If Vito and Superman are being read correctly, you must be either installing the files in the wrong place or you entered wrong info in the addonpeds editor

  • I reinstalled GTAV and tried again, but I couldn't. Is there anything else I can do?


    @MNSTR check you're actuslly installing them correctly, like death7991 said. chances are you're missing something or doing something wrong

  • I am having a very similar issue to this.

    I have installed addonpeds correctly because when I press L in-game the UI appears and I see the peds listed that I have created, but when I choose a ped to spawn nothing happens, they just don't spawn. I have also tried to spawn them with Enhanced Native Trainer and they don't even appear there, I don't think they're supposed to appear there because it's an entirely different mod but thought i'd try it anyway.

    The menu opens but when I close it, it never opens again no matter how much I press L:
    alt text

    I was wondering if it's something to do with this:
    Is Streamed: False
    Personality: Streamed_Male
    alt text

    I click REBUILD every time I add a new ped but I don't understand what is going on here. I followed instructions exactly so I know that I have definitely installed it correctly. If anyone knows how to fix peds not spawning and menu only opening once please let me know.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I solved it another way!
    I used one made by another moderator.

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