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Game Crash due to Vehicles.meta Layout Line.

  • Hello all,

    I recently replaced Trevor's Kanis Bodhi truck with a modded truck... The model works fine as an addon and everything.

    Once I replaced Trevor's truck with it... each time I spawn it in-game and approach any of the doors the game crashes immediately.

    After some searching around I realized that the Layout line in vehicles.meta (<layout>LAYOUT_4X4_DUBSTA</layout>) can cause this.

    Whenever I edit the Layout line, for example I make it (<layout>LAYOUT_4X4</layout>) excluding the parenthesis of course. The truck works perfectly, but the seating no longer allows for 5 passengers.

    With <layout>LAYOUT_4X4_DUBSTA</layout> you can have people sit in the bed of truck, but with <layout>LAYOUT_4X4</layout> the passengers are no longer able to utilize the bed of the truck they only sit in the cab.

    How do I fix this issue? how do I get <layout>LAYOUT_4X4_DUBSTA</layout> to work?

    Any and all help will be appreciated.

  • @Nickillac the reason is that layout_4x4_dubsta doesnt exist. If this layout is used in the addon model then there shoudl be aswell file vehiclelayouts.meta where author define this layout as new own layout.

    So find this file in addon and edit vanilla file to add this layout. Make sure you make backup as editing this file may be a bit complicated coz there is tons of things defined. Hint - to vanilla vehiclelayouts.meta go to the location of bodhi's vehicle.meta, move 2 steps back in locations address to ....> data >, open folder AI and there is located vehicleslyaout.meta. This way you can find this file for any other vehicle in the future and editing this file is mostly usable for RHD cars

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