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Problem to rescale a ped : above the ground

  • Hello everyone

    I will make a movie (on gta5, of course). I installed all mods I need, except one : a child, but a girl. I already found the child mod, but it’s a boy, and I don’t found other child/teen mod.
    The girl I want is Tracey De Santa when she was young.

    So, with the software ZModeler3 I tried to rescale Tracey and all her textures. In itself, the rescaling works but the problem is Tracey is flying, she is above the ground. If you want see what I mean, click here (sorry, I can’t add image to this post, it don’t work for me).
    I tried all I can. I passed all my days during this 2 last weeks to resolve this problem, but nothing to do, I can’t. I also view videos on YouTube and I searched on Internet, I don’t find anything.
    I also tried to rescale ig_bankman, ig_michelle and ig_kerrymcintosh, it’s exactly the same thing.
    To test the peds, I use AddonPeds, but I also tried to replace peds in the game : the same result 😭
    I tried to modify the peds.meta and the ymt file, but no, the same thing. I did other test, and the problem is the .yft file (so, the file ZModeler3 exports).

    For information, for ZModeler3 I use the free trial period, but I think it’s not this causing the problem.
    Another information : Tracey is a streamable ped (so, she have one yft, one ymt and a folder with many ytd and ydd). But all other peds I tried are no-streamable (no folder, only one ytd and one ydd, in addition of the yft and ymt files of course).

    Do you have an idea to resolve this problem, and correctly place the ped on the ground ?
    Thanks a lot

  • Thanks, but it’s this tutorial I saw. I did exactly like him, with the ped ig_bankman like him. In ZModeler3, I gets same things like him. But in the game, not same ; for me bankman is above the ground.
    In the description of the video, he tell the ped can be above the ground. But he tell also the solution in the video is a good solution to this problem. But not to me 😞

    Also, I forgot to tell in my first post : when I shrunk a ped, it is above the ground (as I have said) ; but when I enlarged a ped, it works : the ped is on the ground

  • @Axaurus It could be because you're using a streamable ped. This tutorial has worked for me on many occasions.

  • Hi. Sorry for the time of the answer

    I already tried to rescale ig_bankman, but I tried another time, and this time it works. I suppose it don't works before before when I set bones to Setup mode, not all was selected (we have to select all).
    To be sure, I tried to rescale ig_michelle, and it works perfectionnly.

    But, I confirm streamable ped don't works

    So, thanks you for your help :)

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