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Gta V not using texures from "mods"

  • Hi. I replaced the combat pistol with Glock 17. I've playd with it earlier. But now, when I paste all .ytd, .ydr and hi.ytd files, the texture is not working, and Gta are using textures from base "update" folder, not from mods >> update.

    The new glock-17 texture is located at Gta V >> mods >> update >> x64 >> dlcpacks >> patchday3ng >> dlc.rpf >> x64 >> models >> cdimages >> weapons.rpf (like in the Glock manual)

    I'm running Rage Plugin hook v1.81..1410.16064 PUBLIC, GTA V 1.0.2060 and lateast ScripthookV, ScriptHookVDotNet

  • @DziveQ Don't use patchday3ng, instead put the files in patchday8ng

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