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Trying to make this car into an add-on, but nothings working

  • I am trying to make this Buick GS an add-on car

    I have tried a thousand different ways, but can't get it to work.

    Why you may ask? Well, its a high detail car and when I replaced the sabregt, this car spawns every where and my game performance drops drastically. So I would like to have this car as a unique one of a kind to keep game performance up.

    My first attempt to make this into an add-on was to get a similar car (chevelle) that's uses the sabregt as a base model and copy exactly what he did. I changed all the names and files according to this one. No matter what I do or how many times I did it, it wouldn't load. It would lock up my character. Game was still active, just character would freeze. I updated the dlclist and the and the extratitleupdatedata files and nothing. Can someone help me here or possibly make it into an add-on rpf file for me please? Thank you so much.

  • @Spitfire7 Download any of my Add-on Mod. pick the latest one. and once you have installed my Add on dlc. for example, leo2a7. put your vehicle files along with my vehicle files in the dlc. in vehicles.rpf. i think you know how to get there. anyways. after placing your files , just copy paste your vehicles.meta & handling.meta lines into my meta files. respectively. after this you can spawn your car by the vehicle file's name. Note: you must give vehicles files the same name as mentioned in vehicles.meta & handling.meta . i hope you understand my meaning. i tried.

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