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Looking to hire a dedicated GTA Modding pro for +10M YouTube Channel - Paid, Regular Work

  • Hey all, not sure if this is the right spot to post it so I'm really sorry if I'm a bit lost!

    I'm coming to you guys representing one of the largest gaming YouTube channels in Europe with over +10M subscribers.

    We're currently looking to bring on a GTA god, somebody who can help us with mod testing, compatibility testing, and video setup.

    All of this is paid work, and would be very regular, multiple times a week. We're not looking for anything custom or extensive, we really just need somebody who can help prep these videos for us so that when the talent arrives on recording dates they can just pop on and play, without the additional hours we put in now making sure mods work together and that nothing is broken.

    Knowledge with modding (ofc if you're on this forum I'd assume you know quite a bit), troubleshooting, and availability are huge assets to this role. All work is from home, and you would be paid at the end of each month regularly.

    If this is something you're interested in please either reach out here or at Hoodie#0001 on discord.


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