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Some questions about ZM3

  • **I've tried it once, but the lights aren't transparent.**so,I have two questions.
    first one:How to change lampshade into transparent.(How do I change transparent materials.)
    Second:How to make luminous materials.
    (I'm a Chinese my English is not good.sorry.)

  • Im not an expert by any means and I only work with peds so only some may be relevant to what you are trying to do

    Getting transparency to work requires 2 things

    1. You need to adjust the alpha channel in the diffuse texture so that the alpha channel is less than 100%% i.e you need a level of transparaency in the diffuse texture
    2. When saving the texture, if you are using compression, choose a compression model that retains the alpha channel information (DXT3, DXT5 etc). I think the alpha channel is preserved if you dont use compression
    3. The shader that you assign to the material for your object HAS to support alpha channels (not all of them do)
      As an example in the ped category (ped_hair_spiked, ped_hair_cutout_alpha and ped_alpha all support alpha channels and those are the ones I have used the most

    Hope that helps you get started

  • @ratpack2000 Thanks you I'll try it

  • that looks a little complicated for a beginner xd

    for a transparent light, you need :

    • the light to have the vehicle emissive shader type (so vehicle_lightemissive)
    • the main texture to be transparent (the more it's transparent will means it's gonna be less visible in-game)

    You can even feint the game by making a texture with like 5% transparency on the light part to make it invisible until it lights up, depending of the texture color it will be more or less visible.
    But of course you can't do that for the whole light, just use a part that will light up and copy it with the new transparent shader you're doing

    hope it's clear enough :thinking:

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