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How To change a texture size

  • I'm new in texture editing, and well i've made some usefull object for mapping but the texture is too little and it result in a ugly sky vew (we see too much the texture size wich is not big enough to cover the object in one row so there is a lot of the same texture)
    So would like to resize it but don't know how : S

  • @Shaezbreizh try using. microsoft paint . net it is very simple and basic.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Ok thank, im gonna try.

    Also, do you think we can fully retexture the stunt prop such as the huge platform (the one with blue,white and red line and star on border).
    I've been able to retexture the object but a strange thing happen, there is still like a shadow line over the previous blue,white,redline that are now well textured (i put grass or sand)
    so it give 3 different green for the same grass texutre (there is one look bright (white line ?), an other not too dark not too bright (red line ?) and the last is a pretty dark grass (blue line ?) )
    I've search everywhere but can't find anything to make the grass all look as bright/dark ;S

    Could you give it a try ?

  • @FoxtrotDelta Well, thank , i've been able to size it and the render is a bit better but in fact the object i was using for sand also have multiple texture that probably why the render is not perect

    So it bring me back to the stunt prop, I would like to change the red/blue and whiteline by grass or sand wich I've been able to do with paint.net , but still have the strange " shader " filt on the object wich change the color render of the texture I used (only one)

    Could you give it a try pl;S ?

  • @Shaezbreizh Sorry. i am currently away from my PC. for 1 week time. may be i can help after a week. if you or someone else has not figured it out yet.

  • @Shaezbreizh try to modify the original texture , in paint.net with multiply layer's option. see what happens.

  • ok guy so you missed some points.
    -The texture can be resized from 256px to 4k, it will get the same problem. the mipmap will be the same, so the affected aera of the 3d model will also be the same, even with a bigger texture.
    -For the problem you have with blue/red/white lines, i'm almost sure your problem come from the Alpha channel. Go to channels, one must be called Alpha 1. This alpha will define the opacity of the texture. Black is clear, white is opaque, you can play with grey tints to make things less or more transparent.(like for windows by example)
    Your grass texture must have a Alpha channel, that's why you still can see the main color under it.

    I hope i helped you a bit! Good luck :)

  • @baluz it helped me . understand rotor blurs.

  • @baluz Ok but where to find this ? cause the stunt prop are a bit different of the other props im a bit lost ;S

  • im not pro about map editting. but uvmaps have to be re-assigned into zmodeler.
    anyway if you talking about alpha channel, i use photoshop CS6. I find them like this:
    -click on window menu, and go to "channels".
    -it will open you a new window showing the channels of the image you are editing like: RVB, Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha 1.

    If there is no Alpha 1 channel, select something, and click Selection-save selection.
    In the save selection window, rename your selection Alpha 1.
    The Alpha channel will now show in channels window.
    you can see the selected aera is black, and the unselected aera is black.

  • @baluz well i've no ps so can 't see, but i've maybe find from where it come I'm gonna try
    Between, what is " MipMap " ? xS

  • @Shaezbreizh mipmaps is how the image is assigned to the 3d model to show the good part of image on the model.

  • @baluz @FoxtrotDelta Well, i've really try but i'm too much newbie in texture edit to turn the stunt prop platform into sand/grass/etc (well i've been hable but there is still some fix to do and can't manage how to ;s) , so if any of you have enough skill to do it I would be really thankfull, and it would really help the mapper communauty ;)
    (exemple of possibilty, currently i'm reworking my dead island in a much bigger way for halloween, but it could also permit me to complete some project that I started (little florida, cuba, bahamas, big desert etc)

    I still have been able to retexture a correct object for land making but that not as efficient since it have no collision while stunt prop would have get perfect collision that why if you're able to do it mapper would get really usefull stuff (I guess you can since i've been able to do 80 % of the thing without knowledge)


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