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Bypass RockstarGames Launcher Impossible Need your help !

  • Hello, i'd like since 3 days to play on my modded version of the game but this one is heavy modded so i can't update it.

    But when i try to launch it it launch the RaockstarGames Launcher and it's says me to update the game.

    I also tried with the "NoGTAVLauncher", it launches the game but it's says i've ben disconnected from the SocialClub so i can't play cuz it close the game.

    So i need your help to bypass this Launcher instead of play without internet on my computer.

    Thank you !

  • I had the same problem. I decided to just download a cracked version of the game so I don't need to worry about updating anymore. No harm in it, I've already bought the game twice so it isn't like Rockstar is "losing" money.

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