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Help with traffic :)

  • Hey guys :)

    i got a problem since the last game update, i updated my every files, my game config, mp biker in sp, etc...

    problem is now, when i put an addon car, i can spawn it, i put it in the traffic by edditing popgroup etc, but with the last 3 cars i downloaded, cars appears, i can drive it, but the whole traffic is disabled :O no cars, no peds, or just some little groups, one taxi, police or emergy cars are spawning but that all...
    when im driving i see far away some car but they disapear when im coming close... sooooooo strange :panda_face:

    so i put back another mod folder i had, it worked, i just tryied tou put another addon car, :> bugged, i tryed to remove the addon, but the bug is always there :/

    could you help me? :)

    and by the way sorry for my bad english :D

    cheers :)

  • @EclairSage it might be, the Gameconfig file. it controls traffic density, variety etc. look at your game version. and download compatible gameconfig.xml file.

  • I tried it but failed Again … i'll do,it again i'll see :)

  • @EclairSage use a different source for the gameconfig file. this time around :D

  • @EclairSage I also have this "disappearing traffic" problem with high wanted levels.

  • hey :)

    i tried the latest gameconfig downloaded here, but bug again... im to the F house, when he go outside, no vehicule... only the city sound... nothing else... :( dunno what to do :/

  • @EclairSage
    and you have not made any backups ?

    also pls try and make a video with the problem occurring (no wanted lvl and wanted lvl)

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