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OpenIV not replacing all car models

  • Hello guys i have a problem with replacing car models in OpenIV.

    For example if i replace all files for: police, police4 or amblulance files it apears in the game.

    But if i replace police3, police2 or firetruck in openiv its replaced, but when i log into game, its not replaced, i still see the orignal not replaced models even its replaced.

    Any way to fix this? Thank You.

    Btw. sorry for my bad english.

  • @quily
    Method 1:
    Use Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for the '.yft/_hi.yft/.ytd/+hi.ytd' files for the vehicle you want to replace ('police3.yft' etc) & then replace the files you find in the highest patchday##ng ('patchday4ng' etc) folder structure.

    Method 2:
    Alternatively, use 'Ctrl+F3' search box again, to search for 'vehicles.rpf', find the 'vehicles.rpf' in the highest patchday##ng folder structure you have. Remember it's location & then install all replace vehicles you have/aquire in future, into that 'vehicles.rpf' (whether they exist there or not already).

    If the game has '_hi.yft/+hi.ytd' files, but your replace does not, just make duplicates of your replace '.yft/.ytd' files & rename them to '_hi.yft/+hi.ytd' & replace the files that way. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    Thank You so much it worked :)

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