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Race Dials - green yellow red rpm bar

  • Hello, modder guys. I am AnimeLVR. And I'm a new modder. I'm working on a private Mitsubishi Starion GSR VR. I have question about race dials. How can I make green - yellow - red rpm bar in "script_rt_dials_race" texture. There is just 3 spot for green, 1 spot for yellow and 1 spot for red and its not enough for dials like truck digital dials. Example DYC3's Apollo IE mod has race dials but it has more color bar for rpm.

  • @AnimeLVR said in Race Dials - green yellow red rpm bar:

    How can I make green - yellow - red rpm bar in "script_rt_dials_race" texture

    Not sure specifically what it is you are trying to do (change colours? increase sections of colour bars? etc), but this post relates to changing the colours of 'script_rt_dials_race' dials, so may contain useful info.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I want to increase sections of color bars shortly, sorry for complicated sentence :) sorry for late reply

  • @AnimeLVR
    Show me some pictures of the dials you are working with & indicate what is wrong with them/what you want to achieve. Thanks :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I can send from discord if you give your nickname

  • @AnimeLVR
    I'm not on Discord.

  • @a63nt-5m1th alt text
    This is DYC3's Apollo IE's dials. And it works perfect. That color sections are more than texture's color sections but it works perfectly in order.

  • @a63nt-5m1th alt text
    I want to do that color sections instead of this line type tachometer.

  • @AnimeLVR
    DYC3 has 6 different 'vehicle_dash_emissive' sections in the Apollo IE '.yft'.
    That's how he is selecting a lot more colours using the 'matDiffuseColor' lines


          <Item name="matDiffuseColor" type="Vector" x="2" y="5" z="5" w="0" />

    x = Red Value
    y = Green
    z = Blue
    w = Not sure, maybe an alpha/gamma/vibrance/hue etc setting or something

    Higher values = brighter/more colour
    Equal values = White

    That allows DYC3 to define any colour as long as the various different dial sections can be separately identified.

    Presumably, the vehicle was designed with multiple coloured sections in mind when created in ZModeler3. I have no knowledge of ZM3, so can't really help there, but I guess the basic procedure would be to define various separate sections for the dials in ZM3 & then use the 'matDiffuseColor' values (or whatever they are in ZM3) to define the colour for each section.

  • @a63nt-5m1th its hard then I thought :), but ok, thanks for help again. I will prefer to change colors thanks xD

  • @AnimeLVR
    If you export the vehicle's '.yft' to '.yft.xml' using Codewalker's RPF Explorer (that's where I got access to the 'matDiffuseColor' line illustrated above) you will be able to edit the colours of the dash or maybe even experiment with changing certain parts of them by pointing to different textures/shaders etc.
    There's a little more info on the subject in this post if you're interested :thumbsup:

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