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Mods suddenly not showing

  • I have not played GTA V for over a month and when I started back it had downloaded a new Rockstar games launcher, after the launcher downloaded the game said 'Unexpected files have been found in your game' and none of my mods are showing up do I have to re-install GTA V or no

    Also I know how to install mods with Open IV and have made sure to check if all the ASI loaders are green and they are so I think the launcher broke my game

    Menyoo is not working and my franklin spawn with default model and none of my modded menus are showing in-game

  • @AdriiRozayXOXO just update script hook and gameconfig...about menyoo, I'm not using it but hopefully updating it to latest version may aswell help.

  • Hello, I have done both of those, my mods were showing about a month ago, now they are not showing at all, I have recently defragged my hard drive but I can't see that having anything to do with my mods not working.

    game config is a most recent update one and my script hook is the most recent V1.0.2060.1 one from September 12th.

    It's as if my mods folder no longer exists considering nothing works at all. I'm thinking the only other option is a full game re-install but that's extremely time consuming and I wish not to do that only as a last resort.

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