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Couple of questions about utilizing mods

  • Hi guys new to the community, been a GTA Gamer since 1997. I have been using mods with GTA games for as long as i can remember, last modded GTA game I've play was GTA 4, i only used real car mods in the game, and i played them online with no problem. and i am wondering if it's safe to install car mods into the GTA V game, and playing online because i really want to play the mods online, hopefully you don't get banned doing this.. :( but i think i read an article on forbes magazine about rockstar not banning it's fans for using mods, but i don't know if the article was legit or not. I just bought the game and it's downloading as i am posting this topic. Also i never was a fan of installing car mods one by one but.. could someone recommend a car pack to me if that's possible? Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, playing with mods in Online will certainly get you banned.
    It's recommended that you create a copy of your GTA V folder and mod that one, so that you have one clean copy and one modded copy.

  • do mod managers not work?1

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