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Upload someone else's mod

  • Hi,
    If I upload someone else's mod but give them credit is it ok? Or I need to ask the creator as well?

  • @PiggyBounce

    • if author don't mention any edits in description you have to ask him for permissions
    • if author wrote that you can reupload his work or part of his work, then it's ok to upload it, but give credits all time and I personally like to write 'disclaimer' where I copy his description about allowing reupload
    • part of work mostly mean for example liveries, lot of times authors don't mention it's ok to upload liveries as they consider if they upload template it's obvious that you can upload liveries once you don't upload model but only ytd...but take care on this as some of the authors don't like when you upload liveries even when they uploaded template with their models, so to be sure you should always ask even for detail like this :shrug_tone4:

  • @ArmaniAdnr Thanks for the answer. If the author isn't active anymore and no way to contact him I can't upload? :(

  • @PiggyBounce message moderators in this case, it depend on their decision in this case :shrug_tone3:

  • @ArmaniAdnr How can I message them? Sorry for silly question

  • @PiggyBounce browse the topics and find userts that have green icon saying 'moderator' after their name and then just click on their name to open their profile, click 3dots and start new chat...same as writing message to any other user


    @PiggyBounce just our curiosity what mod, from which author were you planning on uploading? And, probably we won't approve it.

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