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How to make normal map texture like in game GTA 5 ???

  • Hi all ,

       for some time now, I have been hearing the same question, to which I do not know the answer ; 

    Why don't we get the texture of normal maps , for the characters in the game or peds from GTA 5 , just like the original ones of the game ???

    Having just about everything you can find for text editing plugins like :

    1. Generate Normal Map
    2. NVIDIA Tools NormalMapFilter
    3. xNormal xN Height2Normals
    4. NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter

    Does anyone have time to explain to us again, how come we don't get the normal map texture the same ???

    I mean, both those protuberances / swellings, those curves of the raven, embossed smoothly, as well as the well-contoured colors ... it is observed that there is a huge difference ...

    Thank you all I hope to find someone to explain to us how more clearly, I looked for enough tutorials and explanations, but none of them clarified for me. Please, can anyone help us ? Thank you in advance !

    Below are some examples ... I hope you haven't broken any forum rules and I apologize for my english .

    Normal Map like in game
    Filter 3D Generate Normal Map
    Filter NVIDIA Tools NormalMapFilter
    Filter xNormal xN Height2Normals

  • @sefulretelei not a professional to say this but I think just use photoshop not these converters. It allow you play with a settings, edges etc more while creating normal map and you can get better result to your idea. Anyway, I think you don't need it to look like original game normal's yo umay be able to create better ones in meaning of quality. I think they need their textures to have combination of good look and easy loading for game engine, but you can make higher quality yourself

  • @sefulretelei For some reason NVidia's texture tool ruining the normal map, same as bump texture as well. I recommend you using the Intel's texture tool instead. It works great for me, except for some reason when I save a tshirt with full black texture, it's being extremely shiny :(


    1. I found from github.com a simple and nice solution from juzzlin - SimpleNormalMapper

    LINK - https://github.com/juzzlin/SimpleNormalMapper/releases/tag/1.1.0

                                          THANKS **juzzlin** !!!
    1. I found from github.com a simple and nice solution from Theverat - NormalmapGenerator

    LINK - https://github.com/Theverat/NormalmapGenerator/releases

                                          THANKS **Theverat** !!!
    1. I found from github.com a simple and nice solution from cpetry - NormalMap-Online

    LINK - https://github.com/cpetry/NormalMap-Online

                                          THANKS **cpetry** !!!
    1. I found on forum stratacafe - nDo very good Script and Action for Photoshop ( PC Only )

    Link to forum - http://www.stratacafe.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=13257

                                          THANKS **RubberChicken**

    nDo direct download lik - http://philipk.net/ndo/nDo.zip

                                          THANKS **RubberChicken**

  • @sefulretelei 1st and 4th links you shared, the sample pictures are light years different from how game's normal maps are looking...

  • This plugin will definitely help you what your are looking for. I'm also using this. On the given link you'll a complete guide about plugin and the issue.

    Thanks me later.

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