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How do i convert open format to .obj?

  • I have the open format files... the only thing i can find on the subject is a python script. here https://github.com/hedgehog90/openformat-to-obj
    how the hell do I use it?

  • @hetake07 maybe let us know more? what file is that open format? how did you get it, did you downlaoded it or made exporting from OpenIV...?

  • @ArmaniAdnr i exported the open format files (.odr) from open IV. when searching on how to convert it to an .obj. the only thing i found claiming to convert it directly (as opposed to converting it to a 3ds file first) was a guy on some gtav thread. he linked the python script i mentioned earlier. this is where I downloaded it from.

  • @hetake07 if you exported any file from OpenIV to get this open format, then it made the folder with the same name for you. So just keep this file and folder together in one location, grab the file back to the OpenIV and program will do the rest for you

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