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I had backup of old Social Club but it didn't work

  • So I was playing with old version of the game using No_GTAVLauncher mod. I saw the message of shitstar purposely broke the mod but I was still able to play the game because I never opened the launcher itself.

    However I bought myself a brand new pc entirely and had to reinstall the windows. but since I knew this problem, before doing that I went to rockstar games folder and backed up Launcher, Social Club and Grand Theft Auto V folders.

    Now I installed the launcher and let it download the game. After that I quit the launcher and just replaced all those folders with my backup, hoping this would revert the social club version as well so it won't check the game version like new version...

    But unfortunately that didn't do anything and when I try to launch the game with nogtavlauncher social club signs me out and forcing me to quit game :(((

    Anyone knows is it possible to like somehow reverting the social club to older version fully with the backups I have? So it doesn't check the game version. and like I said, before I was reinstalled windows, that mod was working with what I had. Do I also have to do something from registry editor or something? :/

  • Nevermind I got it working. I just opened the shitstar launcher itself, let it update. It asked my login info (weird). Then I made the game launch again <3

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